Machine tools, robots, automation

The exhibition

The market targeted by BI-MU MEDITERRANEA is made up of small- and mediumsized companies, relying on skills and qualified resources, as well as factories operated by major groups in various sectors (from automotive to components) which have chosen the Mediterranean area to implement investments responding to the needs associated with globalisation.

Well-known as the showcase of technologies for the production development of the mid-southern Italian regions, of the Balkan countries, of the South-Eastern Europe and Northern Africa, the show is addressed to the manufacturers of machine tools, robots and automation, which are interested in taking the extraordinary opportunities offered by the market having its natural centre in Bari. 

At the exhibitors’ disposal there was an area perfectly suitable for the presentation of the sector offer and the organizational competence of ENTE AUTONOMO FIERA DEL LEVANTE which take advantage from the collaboration with the specialized structures of UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, the Italian Association of the sector Manufacturers.

Thursday 18 - Sunday 21 February 2010, sees FIERA DEL LEVANTE in Bari host the seventh edition of BI-MU MEDITERRANEA.